Who Do We Support

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." — Frederick Douglass,

   Abandoned and orphaned children can be found in every nation of the world. Currently, our focus is on the children of Haiti. Through our foster care program, we place children in a family environment monitored by our loving staff members, and provide for the child’s cost of living. The vision of project Hope is to create a self-sustainable community based on agriculture. Our Board of Trustees and Executive Council comprise of volunteers with finance, accounting, business, and medical backgrounds.  

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Partnership With The Auguste Foundation

We are currently Supporting 10 Orphans in Cap-Haïtien. We have   witnessed many children who were trapped in poverty and despair who now lead transformed lives. We see more children who are now productive, and using their talents to serve others. We will be looking forward to adding more children every year to our facility.